When your pet needs surgery, you want to have confidence in the skill and expertise of your surgical team. Dr. Colby Burns is one of the most experienced board-certified veterinary surgeons in the southeast. Thanks to advancements in technology and the years of cumulative experience in performing, lecturing and teaching surgical techniques, surgeries such as TPLO, hip replacements and the curative excision of cancerous tumors have become routine procedures.

Dr. Burns’s clinical interests include joint replacement, sports medicine and rehabilitation, surgical oncology and wound management.

As with any of the other services available here at CriticalVetCare, if there are any questions about the availability of a particular surgery, please contact us.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Otic Surgery
    • Total Ear Canal Ablation / Lateral Bulla Osteotomy (TECA / LBO)
    • Ventral Bulla Osteotomy
    • Lateral Ear Canal Resection
    • Nasopharyngeal polyp
Thoracic / Respiratory Surgery / Oropharynx
    • Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA)
    • Lung Lobectomy
    • Thoracoscopic surgery (minimally invasive pleural biopsies, nodal biopsies, partial lung lobectomies)
    • Laryngeal Tieback
    • Soft Palate / Alar Fold / Everted Saccule Resections (Brachycephalic syndrome)
    • Diaphragmatic Herniorrhaphy
    • Salivary Mucocele
    • Maxilectomy/mandibulectomy
Abdominal Surgery
    • Portosystemic Shunt Attenuation
    • Liver lobectomy
    • Billiary Diversion
    • Cholecystectomy
    • Hernia Repair
    • Splenectomy
    • Enterotomy
    • Resection / Anastomosis
    • Subtotal colectomy for feline megacolon
    • Gastropexy for Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV)
    • Exploratory Laparotomy / Surgical Biopsy
    • Exploratory Laparoscopy (biopsies, Foreign body retrieval, gastropexy, bladder stone retrieval, cryptorchidectomy, feeding tube placement)
Urogenital / Perineal Surgery
    • Ectopic Ureter Repair
    • Urolithiasis (Kidney, Ureter, Bladder and Urethral Stones)
    • Anal Sacculectomy
    • Perineal Herniorrhaphy
    • Perianal Tumor Excision
Skin Reconstruction
    • Burn Injuries
    • Traumatic Injuries (dog fights, gunshots)
    • Vulvoplasty
    • Screw Tail / Caudectomy
Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery
    • Tumor Staging and biopsy
    • Tumor Removal and Reconstruction
    • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
    • Lumbosacral Disease
    • Spinal Fractures
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