state of the art radiology

State of the art Radiology

Experience a New Dimension of Animal Care

Digital Radiology

Our hospital is equipped with the latest in GE technology with an oversize table for larger animals. The digital technique is the same as that of specialty spine and oncology centers in human medicine. Images are easily copied to a disc or emails to you and your veterinarian. Consultations by off-site radiologists, when needed, are now much easier to obtain for these radiographs (x-rays) than before with often under a one hour turn around time.

In-house MRI

CriticalVetCare  is home to the FIRST in house veterinary MRI on the entire Gulf Coast of Florida. Most veterinary clinics use radiology (x-ray) imaging to help diagnose pet injuries and other conditions involving bone structure. As useful as those images are, they don’t provide a complete picture of your pet’s health.

Dr. Chauvet with Critical Vet Care's State of the Art MRI Unit

Dr. Chauvet with CVC’s State of the Art MRI Unit

Non-invasive and safe, MRI can lead to early detection and treatment by imaging soft tissue and providing information about your pet’s brain, spinal cord, sinus cavities, nose and ears, as well as, joints and internal organs.  The Esaote Grande System, introduced to the US by Universal Medical Inc., is the first MRI system specifically designed and calibrated for imaging of companion animals such as dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. It’s open design and comfortable patient bed make proper positioning of your pet extremely easy with minimal stress to the animal.

Because your pet is anesthetized for the 30 to 45 minute series of scans that create computerized images of the body part scanned, a 12 hour fast, preliminary blood work and thoracic radiographs may be needed or required. These images assist your veterinarian or radiologist with making a diagnosis and planning treatment.

Sites that can be imaged with MRI Include:

  • Brain
  • Spinal cord
  • Ears/Bullae
  • Nasal Passages
  • Brachial Plexus

  • Ocular Disease
  • Abdomen
    (prostate, bladder, liver, spleen and more)
  • Limbs
  • Any Mass

MRI is a magnet and thus of minimal risk to your pet. We do ensure that there is no metal in your pet (fracture repair and such) that could affect the image quality. No radiation is used in MRI.

CT Scanner

CriticalVetCare is proud to announce that we are the first in the area to provide the most innovative, comprehensive CT scan technology for pets – the Vimago! It is the most advanced Robotic High Definition Computed Tomography, Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography platform, which will allow us to perform seamless, whole body Digital Radiographic studies at res­o­lu­tions up to thirty times better than conventional digital radiography systems. With this cutting-edge equipment we can now scan an entire patient in about a minute, with 80% less radiation than a highend conventional scanner.

The Vimago is the only imaging platform designed to meet the demands of a diagnostic and international system. Thanks to the mobility and the combined CT speed and Fluoroscopy system, our doctors can make a diagnosis and immediately be in a position to begin treatment, which may include surgery. This simple and quick transition from diagnosis to advanced treatments is not only more efficient and safer due to reduced anesthetic risks, but in some cases life saving.

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